integrative guidance

nature is composed of energetic patterns that manifest in material form. these patterns compose the foundational principles of traditional models of medicine, such as आयुर्वेद ( āyurveda ) and traditional chinese medicine. the cosmology of nature also once stood behind western medical and herbal traditions. though that has faded, hermeticism still holds the key in alchemy. the concepts of duality, the elements, and the planets are intrinsic to holistic philosophies of medicine. these energetic patterns generate constitutions — unique compositions of the forces of nature. constitutions are reflected in the physical body, and the psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of all animals, human and domesticated companion alike.

traditional models of medicine are concerned with maintaining equilibrium, and the prevention of disease. the practitioners of these models recognise that medicine has never been solely a science, and it is necessary to treat one accordingly. modern society’s understanding of this has grown significantly in recent years, and there is an increasing awareness that constitutionally appropriate care is imperative. naturopathy and functional medicine offer significant improvements to allopathic medicine. however, the allopathic approach is still employed, and neither the cosmology of nature nor spirituality are considered.

the lack of connection to nature has fatal consequences. modern lifestyles expose one to the constant threat of toxicity — poor nutrition, inadequate exercise and sleep, stress, artificial electromagnetic fields of radiation, chemical saturation. our domesticated companions are subjected unfairly to the ignorant choices of humanity. nutrition, herbal remedies, supplements, healing modalities, and lifestyle should all be tailored to an individual’s unique constitution. integrative guidance offers a constitutional assessment — a comprehensive analysis of anatomy, physiology, psychology, and pathology — followed by nutrition, detoxification, remedy and lifestyle guidance for both humans and their domesticated companions from an integrative perspective of traditional and modern philosophies of medicine. please contact for more information.