calcification of the pineal gland : coincidence or orchestration ?

there is a common condition occurring in one of the most important organs of the body — calcification of the pineal gland. the pineal gland is the most sensitive and vulnerable part of the brain, and the central nervous system as a whole. it is the gland associated with आज्ञा चक्र ( ājñā cakra ), commonly referred to as the third eye in reference to its provision of psychic perception beyond ordinary sight. the pineal gland serves many functions, including the translation of thought, and the regulation of the endocrine and immune systems. it is the receiver of higher intelligence, subtle energy, and connection to divinity.

rudolph steiner, the austrian philosopher and mystic, predicted that there would be an agenda to detach the soul and disconnect one from the higher realms of dimension. and to accomplish this, the pineal gland need be destroyed. the pineal gland is extremely sensitive, as it receives a high amount of blood flow, second only to the kidneys. it is particularly sensitive to several things : fluoride, organophosphates, metals, plastics, and electromagnetic fields of non-ionised radiation. many governments are employing great use of all of these things.

the inimical effects of fluoride have been well understood for decades. this neurotoxin has led to the decrease in average intelligence quotient, been a contributing factor to autism spectrum disorders and many varieties of cancer, and led to the deaths of both adults and children due to acute toxicity. any purported beneficial effects of fluoridated water on teeth is absurd, as the effects are topical, not systemic. and published research demonstrates that both countries fluoridating and not fluoridating water have equivalent rates of tooth decay.

the promotion of its use in dentistry, the sales of fluoridated dentifrice, and the fluoridation of municipal water supplies continue, still. fluoride, like other halides, competes for the uptake of iodine, a necessary component for euthyroidism. it accumulates in regions highest in calcium, typically bones, and in cases of arthritis and atherosclerosis, joints and arteries. the epidemic levels of thyroid dysfunction and osteopathic diseases are directly attributed to this toxin. but the highest concentrations of fluoride are stored in a calcified pineal gland.

glyphosate, the globally ubiquitous organophosphate, was originally patented as a chelating agent for the removal of industrial metals. it is the primary herbicide utilised throughout the industrial farming industry because it works so exceptionally well. because it is such a potent chelator, it causes nutrient deficiency, as it chelates all minerals, not only those that are toxic metals. it is both the use of toxic herbicides and pesticides, and the industrial farming method of overworking soils without any regard for replenishment that have led to a population sick with mineral deficiency, which includes all animal life.

stephanie seneff, premier senior research scientist at massachusetts institute of technology, has dedicated her work to the pernicious effects of glyphosate, stating that its mechanism of toxicity is diabolical. despite the claims by industry funded researchers to the contrary, glyphosate is not easily eliminated from the body. rather it is largely undetectable as it becomes part of the tissues of any organism that consumes the chemical. it was monsanto, the company that manufactured the product, that conducted the research in 1989 that concluded that glyphosate incorporates itself into the protein structures of an organism.

exposure to this toxic chemical is a contributing factor to cognitive decline, endocrine dysfunction, oncological diseases, and is a primary cause of autism spectrum disorders. glyphosate severely disrupts the microbiome of the gastrointestinal tract, causing inflammation and intestinal permeability. pathogenic species of bacteria proliferate, leading to the accumulation of toxic metabolites that disrupt the metabolism of dopamine, causing neuroexcitotoxicity. glyphosate suppresses enzymes, proteins that have a pivotal role in detoxification and cellular metabolism, which leads to a variety of pathologies, one of which is deficiency of vitamin d. this deficiency is an epidemic, and is another causal factor in autism spectrum disorders.

metal toxicity is one of the most devastating threats to humanity. aluminium is the most abundant metal on the planet, which equates to composing approximately eight percent of the earth’s crust. however, the gold standard of testing circulating metals in the body reveals results that are incommensurate. the level of aluminium detected in the average body is astonishing. this is attributed to a number of factors, which include its use in the storage of beverages and foods, and its addition to antiperspirants, cookware, dyes, and various pharmaceutical drugs. aluminium is also deployed throughout the sky.

by the twentieth century, widespread efforts to combat a changing climate had been initiated. aircraft began to spray nanonised particles of aluminium, in an attempt to reflect sunlight, in hopes of cooling warming temperatures. these nanonised particles return, covering the entire surface of the planet. they contaminate soils, contributing to the toxicity of the food supply, and the oceans and waterways, prohibiting the evaporation of water, leading to drought. they are inhaled by all breathing organisms, and revealed in significant quantities in the lungs of all animals. nanonised particles of aluminium support the proliferation of pathogenic microbes, further disrupting the microbiomes that have already been destroyed by the misuse of antibiotics and other pharmaceutical drugs. this establishes chronic infections that are not conducive to life.

another metal of significance is mercury. in addition to the devastating impacts of increased volcanic activity and wildfires, and the burning of coals, oils, and woods as fuel that releases mercury vapours into the atmosphere, the continued use of metals in amalgam fillings and dental implants is deeply concerning. the hazards of mercury are well understood, and have been for more than a century. the american society of dental surgeons declared that the use of amalgam fillings was malpractice in the the first half of the nineteenth century. nevertheless, its use persisted. brilliant doctors of dental surgery, including hal huggins and murray vimy, pioneered the war in the twentieth century. and today, such brilliant physicians are censored, ostracised, punished by revocation of licensure, or worse for exposure of the truth.

indeed, the environmental protection agency declared anything higher than one microgram of mercury in the air is a toxic site. mercury vapour metres have detected more than two hundred micrograms in the mouths of patients with amalgam fillings or dental implants. and the levels in the blood exceed multiple thousands. that dental associations continue to permit the use of this substance is outrageous.

in addition to the toxic metals being leached directly into the bloodstream, another concern is galvanic shock. galvanic shock describes the interactions between a combination of dissimilar metals and the electrolytes circulating the saliva and bloodstream. anytime multiple metals are exposed to a solution of sodium, the electrons travel between them, generating electrical current — amalgams and implants are composed of multiple metals. this electrical current enters the jawbone, the nerves, and the brain in perpetuity, dramatically increasing the amount of stress on the body. and upon any exposure to alternating currents and other artificial electromagnetic radiation, these metal ions vibrate with increased intensity. a single seven minute phone call liberates more than six hundred times the ambient amount of mercury from an amalgam filling. galvanic shock is causing severe anxiety, migraines, and sleep disturbances, and ultimately contributing to overall decline. 

metal toxicity is nearly inescapable. exposure begins in utero, as a mother passes two thirds of the body burden to the first born child — and there is no blood brain barrier until the age of eighteen months. this is particularly damaging to male first born children, as there is a synergistic enhancement when metals combine with testosterone, evidenced by the striking prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in males. toxic metals pollute the waters and soils and are used in a variety of substances, including the aforementioned pharmaceutical substances. cosmetics, dyes, and tattoo inks are other significant concerns, as they contain cadmium, iron, and mercury, in addition to dozens of other toxic contaminants. it has long been researched, published, and understood that when a host is polluted with metals, parasitic and other infections soon follow. 

to optimise the impacts, the united states ensures that even those in poverty have full access to obesity, as the excess adipose tissue serves as additional storage capacity for these metals and toxins, significantly increasing the risks. indeed, it is metals and other toxins that are responsible for the difficulties many experience attempting to lose weight. patients with metabolic syndromes such as insulin resistance — a condition that completely inhibits the loss of weight, id est, it is impossible to burn fat when insulin resistant — shall lose the weight upon addressing toxicity.

the consequences of exposure to toxic metals are systemic, and manifest every internal medicine disorder known, including autoimmune disorders, endocrine dysfunction, and neurological conditions. it is understood that toxic metals are a primary cause of autism spectrum disorders, and published research demonstrates that among populations protected from exposure, cases are non existent. metal toxicity alters the levels of neurotransmitters, and thereby contributes to significant behavioural changes. these behavioural changes ensure that an abundant population shall be diagnosed with a variety of mental health conditions that conveniently require treatment with pharmaceutical drugs. and the most unfortunate of these individuals often find themselves indigent or in prisons — other tragically flawed systems that contribute to further decline.

the insistence upon utilising plastics in everything from paints and textiles to cosmetics and food has ensured that nanoparticles of these toxins can be found everywhere on the planet. indeed, even food. the hydrogenated oils that are found in the list of ingredients of the majority of products that stock the shelves of conventional markets differ from plastic by only one molecule. and upon ingestion, metabolic processes eliminate that difference. like metal toxicity, exposure to microplastics alters the levels of neurotransmitters, contributing to the same behavioural changes that lead to incorrect diagnoses of mental health conditions. the true diagnosis is toxicity induced by temerarious human activity.

artificial electromagnetic fields of radiation are the most concealed of threats, and the factor that allows the full realisation of the destruction of the pineal gland. these microwaves cause inflammatory reactions in the brain that disturb the quality of memory and sleep, and create tremendous cellular damage that leads to autism spectrum disorders, cancers, and persistent lyme disease. the impacts are severe and disturbing.

despite the enormity of the range of frequencies that could have been utilised, the telecommunications industry selected the frequency that is the most severely destructive to cells, and especially to the pineal gland — 2.4 gigahertz. this particular frequency is capable of diminishing the blood brain barrier, allowing the destruction of deoxyribonucleic acid ( dna ), and the penetration of toxins that were previously unable to access the brain. prior to the use of this frequency, many toxins were generally contained below the brain. since its deployment, deaths caused by neurodegenerative diseases have increased dramatically, and are surpassing those of cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

each one of these things are highly toxic in isolation. but the synergistic effects of the combinations are far more sinister. upon inhalation of aluminium, the particles combine with other toxins to form many other extremely toxic chemical compounds. and in addition to the hazards of the mere presence of plastics, the particles act as carriers for other chemical contaminants and any pathogenic microorganisms. it is necessary to penetrate the blood brain barrier for these compounds to deposit in the pineal gland. and as mentioned, 2.4 gigahertz was the ideal frequency to accomplish this.

the approval of fifth generation technology, or 5g, to be installed on satellites that allow the frequencies to radiate the entire planet is minacious. this frequency has devastating effects on all flora and fauna, which have been well observed in mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, reptiles, insects, plants, and microbes. the disruption of vital cues associated with behaviour, orientation, migratory patterns, scavenging, reproduction, nest and den construction, territorial maintenance and defence, and survival has been extensively researched and published in medical and scientific journals. the loss of wildlife is immeasurable.

both the health span and life expectancy of both humans and domesticated companion species are decreasing in the twenty first century. despite decades of research and advancements in medicine, and the safety afforded by modern housing and other resources, the rates of disease and death have increased substantially, when one could only expect the opposite. the science indicates the hazards associated with these toxins, and the destruction that follows is empirical. the intentional use of fluoride, organophosphates, toxic metals, plastics, and dangerous frequencies of electromagnetic radiation could be abrogated immediately. and the ignominious failure to implement change is indicative of stupidity or agenda.

these toxins are gravely jeopardising the evolution of humanity. a calcified pineal gland inhibits the psychic perception that is available to all. according to आयुर्वेद ( āyurveda ), humanity presently exists in कलियुग ( kaliyuga ). kaliyuga is the age of darkness, when everything is upside down, and in reverse. many cultures and religions describe a similar age. it is a time of war, conflict, and great discord. information is skewed, truth is difficult to discern, and what was once easily observed and experienced, is no longer thus for the masses.

research conducted by the esteemed professor oshiaki omura revealed that upon shielding the pineal gland with aluminium, a dowsing rod was no longer capable of detecting the field, kinesiology was no longer capable of eliciting response, and intuitives were no longer able to perceive psychic information. these experiments elucidated the tremendous shielding capacity of this particular metal.

as easily observed as these things are, the average individual remains blind as the calcification of the pineal gland inhibits their sight. regardless of one’s awareness, all of humanity is affected, including — albeit unknowingly — many who claim to be highly connected, possessing the gift of psychism. personal consciousness is the sum of the microbes that inhabit the body. unless taking the appropriate actions to eliminate and mitigate exposure, and to change the destructive nature of hypercapitalistic society, one is certain to perish of disease, likely without any knowledge at the conscious level, and make minimal spiritual progress in the current incarnation.

there are measures to be taken to remove the accumulation of toxins, reverse the damage, and decalcify the pineal gland. it requires truly holistic healing that addresses physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health, including the appropriate biological chemical compounds and biophysics. by creating an inhospitable environment for infection, it is possible to cure any disease. appropriately conducted detoxification can normalise endocrine function, eliminate cancers, and even yield complete normalisation of hallmark symptoms of autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia.

one must learn to protect this delicate and precious gland, and truly wake to reality. in closing, this one shall pose a few questions for consideration. is it merely a coincidence that the choices of a multitude of ignorant minds have collided to concoct this fatal combination ? is it a protocol that has been orchestrated by sophisticated minds ? or is it possible that scientists and politicians have been influenced by a dark energy without any conscious understanding of what it is they truly do ? 




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healing with sound

संस्कृतम् ( saṃskṛtam ) is the most ancient of spoken languages currently known to humanity. the ancient scholar पाणिनि ( pāṇini ) heavily influenced the foundation for classical saṃskṛtam. his work included nearly four thousand verses and rules regarding linguistics, semantics, and syntax. the language is so specific that it has been compared to languages of computer programming. indeed, it was the same scholars who codified saṃskṛtam who also invented the concept of zero and binary code. it is this accuracy that plays a significant role in its perfection.

many notice after learning the language an enhanced memory and cognitive ability. referred to as the ‘sanskrt effect’, this phenomenon has been investigated by comparing structural magnetic resonance imaging ( mri ) of the brains of पण्डित ( paṇḍita ) — traditional scholars who memorise and recite मन्त्रम् ( mntraḥ ) — and control groups matched for age, gender, and multilingualism. indeed, numerous regions of the brains of paṇḍita were discovered to be significantly larger than those of the controls. most notable, was the increase in grey matter of the right hippocampus, a region responsible for verbal memory. it seems an increase in grey matter of this particular region of the brain will decrease opportunity for memory pathology, such as dementia. these modern experiments give credence to what आयुर्वेदिक ( āyurveḍikāḥhave stated for centuries.

the sacred vibrations of saṃskṛtam are believed to have originated in the cosmos, and its phonetic sounds are designed to produce healing of body, mind, and spirit. sounds create vibrations that affect the energy points throughout a body. these vibrations may have a calming or energising effect, depending upon the specific qualities of the sound. consider the emotional and psychological effects of music. whether spoken or heard, each sound creates a vibration at different points of the spiritual and corporeal bodies. for example, ॐ, or ओम् aum ), considered to be the primordial sound from which all others emanate, is composed of three syllables. the first is experienced in स्वाधिष्ठान चक्र ( svādhiṣṭhāna cakra ) and the lower region of the abdomen, the second is experienced in अनाहत चक्र ( anāhata cakra ) and the region of the heart, and the third is experienced in विशुद्ध चक्र  ( viśuddha cakra ) and the region of the throat.

most languages impact one by meaning. however, classical saṃskṛtam is unique because of its immense complexity and its creation based upon vibrations — it was created to heal. that is not to say that the vibrations of other languages are any less important. though not intentionally designed to heal, other languages produce sound, all the same. sounds are vibrations that are either positive or negative. any spoken word is creating resonance or dissonance. both pronunciation and cadence are important, and phonetics are precise. mispronunciation, or arrhythmic cadence creates vibrations that are antithetical to healing. the difference is that meaning is secondary to vibration in saṃskṛtam.

chanting influences psychology and physiology. merely listening shall produce the benefits. chants utilise breath and concentration, which increase alpha waves in the brain and regulate the autonomic nervous system, to promote relaxation. these effects increase exponentially, over time. here lay a powerful tool to enhance healing, and thereby progress the soul’s evolution.


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