terms and conditions



the website and its content are owned by EVOLUTIONARY WELLNESS LLC. the term “company” shall refer to EVOLUTIONARY WELLNESS, the term “consultant” shall refer to the company representative, and the terms “one” and “client” shall refer to any individual viewing or otherwise using the website or any services offered by the company or its consultant.


general guidelines

by accessing this website, and any services offered, one is indicating acceptance of the terms and conditions. these terms and conditions are a legal agreement between the company and any visitor or client. these terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with the privacy policy, and any other information provided on the website. EVOLUTIONARY WELLNESS reserves the right to update these terms and conditions without prior notice. one’s use of this website requires compliance with all laws, ordinances, and regulations applicable to any activities and services. this website is intended for use by general adult audiences.



it is required by law to state that the information located throughout this website, or provided during any consultation, is intended only to be informative, that it does not intend to substitute for legal medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and that one should consult with a physician or medical professional for any medical concerns, diagnoses, and treatment options.

any information is provided without warranties, express or implied. there are many variables that determine the results pertaining to any guidance. by accessing the information on this website, or information obtained during any consultation, one understands that EVOLUTIONARY WELLNESS is not responsible for any success or failure.


payment and refund policy

payments for services are due in full amount upon scheduling any services. one is legally responsible for any amount of time that exceeds the time allotted for any scheduled consultation, and must remit payment within three days. if at any time one agrees, verbally or otherwise, to purchase remedies or supplements from EVOLUTIONARY WELLNESS, that one is legally obligated to remit payment within three days. failure to comply with any of these policies may result in litigation. fees are subject to change without notice.

time and energy is required for the preparation of any services. if cancellation is necessary, one must do so at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. after that time, no refunds shall be provided. if it is necessary to reschedule an appointment, please request to do so at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. in the event that advanced notice of 72 hours is not possible, EVOLUTIONARY WELLNESS shall attempt to accommodate within reason.