ava is a holistic healthcare practitioner, certified herbalist, and astrologer who employs a uniquely integrative approach to facilitate the evolution of consciousness. she considers healing and evolution to be one and the same. there is an architecture of energetic forces that manifest in all of nature, and it is her endeavour to assist others in recognising these patterns, themselves.

nature and spirituality have been a part of her life since childhood. and her innate connection to the natural world, the splendour that is music, and the beauty of language have shaped her life most profoundly. she began formal education in philosophy and psychology, which led to a diversity of other subjects, including neuroscience, quantum physics, and both human and veterinary anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. 

with years of personal and clinical experience, she is excited to see botanical medicine return to being more widely acknowledged as the highly sophisticated form of healing that it is. she recognises that the primary role of any healthcare provider is as teacher, and endeavours not only to guide but to educate clients so they in turn may guide and educate others. she is particularly fond of domesticated companion animals, and is dedicated to informing guardians about the consequences they suffer at the hands of modern society and lifestyle.



it is possible for anyone, no matter the circumstance in the current incarnation, to access the gift of psychic perception. all that is required is that one depart from ego sufficiently to allow the soul to attune to the universal source of knowledge. though this may seem dubious to some, the power of nature is not limited by one’s understanding of thus. indeed, all possess powers far greater than average awareness would permit belief. but it is persona that expressly inhibits these abilities that are dependent upon one’s willingness to pay the price of detachment.

to be sure, there is a significant difference between psychism and intuition, however. whilst it is possible for anyone to develop psychic abilities, it requires a powerful instinct, a keen intellect, and an empathic heart to become intuitive. when these three modes of perception are utilised in a cohesive manner, the connection to spirit is profound. 


subjects of advanced training and research



आयुर्वेद ( āyurveda )


biologische medizen ( german biological medicine )

botanical medicine 


lyme and coinfections

medical astrology 

veterinary first aid / first response


naturopathic assessments


bioenergetic response

gastrointestinal health


metal toxicity

tongue and pulse analysis 




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