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until recent history, astrology was not practised solely by mystics. astrology and astronomy were considered inextricable. physicians, too, were well versed in astrology, as it was standard training for medical school. it was utilised for a variety of things, from calculating propitious timing for important affairs and defence strategies to botanical classification and pharmacology.

with the rise of the church, society turned away from astrology. today, it is a science that is either embraced, highly sanctioned, or rejected entirely by world religions. however, the numerous references to astrology throughout religious texts are irrefutable. though censorship has shielded this knowledge from the masses, and over centuries of time its legitimacy was first forgotten, and eventually came to be considered quackery to the ignorant mind, it is still available to those who seek.

the influence of the celestial bodies upon all of nature is undeniable. indeed, there are many physicians and scientists who practise astrology covertly, as to avoid being ostracised by ignorant medical and scientific communities. any one who studies the subject seriously could only be certain of its validity, and impressed by its complexity and sophistication.

it is said that a wise one rules the stars, but a fool is ruled by them. there is a vast range of both practical and esoteric applications of astrology, and it offers an indispensable device for understanding the self, holistically — physically, psychologically, and spiritually.





without knowledge of astronomy, one can be no astrologer. without knowledge of astrology, one can be no philosopher. and without knowledge of both astrology and philosophy, one can be no physician.

                                                                                                                                                      – joseph blagrave


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