energy therapy

therapeutic application of metaphysical energy has been used since ancient times. advancements in quantum physics have benefitted the modern understanding of energy, broadening the acceptance of this powerfully, effective treatment. indeed, well regarded institutions, including hospitals and universities, are now staffing energy therapists. 

metaphysical energy is either too high or too low in frequency to be easily detected by current technology. however, science does recognise its existence because it produces observable effects. science understands that everything in the universe vibrates and that everything that vibrates imparts and impacts information. 

modern society exposes one to constant harmful vibrations — toxins, stress, artificial electromagnetic fields of radiation, noise and light pollution. the body, mind, and spirit are perpetually suffering, and disease is rampant. tragically, our companions, both domestic and wild, are suffering the consequences of a modern lifestyle imposed upon them. 

healing begins with the oscillation of waves. when applied, wellness occurs when an organism and all of its components are vibrating optimally. the purpose of this therapy is to treat energetic imbalances that lead to physiological and psychological disturbances, and ultimately disease, and to encourage homeostasis. energy therapy is an effective treatment for all animals, human and domesticated companions alike.