call of the wild

throughout ancient cultures, all life was honoured, human life no more sacred than any other. these traditions have remained for many indigenous peoples, and there exists a great opportunity to learn much from their wisdom. ancient people studied the natural world in order to understand the supernatural. modern society has lost that reverence for nature, and thereby the reality that is magic. but nature is sure to teach those who are willing to learn.

there once was no boundary between human and beast. but in the pursuit of science humanity lost the connection, forgetting that science and spirituality cannot be separated. today, nature and its elements are considered to be merely objects, separate and inferior. wildlife works diligently to reconnect human concepts with nature and the universal source. when one learns to recognise natura sophia — the wisdom of nature, one remembers the reality that is magic. learning to experience life through their senses, allows one to better understand the human experience. 

wildlife is a wondrous thing, and each species beholds a powerful medicine to provide. some are gentle nurturers, and others are fierce protectors. they teach lessons of life, death, and rebirth. they are masters at navigating life in this realm, as they have not lost their attunement to energy, acutely aware of the changes and fluctuations of nature. their extraordinary ability to adapt, and to exist solely in the moment, fully attentive to the sights, scents, and sounds that surround them are testaments of remarkable intelligence. 

a spiritual guide shall reveal themselves to escort one through the journeys of life. some arrive only to remain briefly, whilst others remain throughout a lifetime. the characteristics of any particular species can reveal much about the innate powers within the self or lessons that must be learnt.

their messages may be as simple as a reminder to exercise patience, or as powerful as an aid to heal from disease. to fully integrate their energy is to understand them — their behaviours, their habitats, their migratory patterns, their predators, and their prey. they shall reveal how spirituality is manifesting in the material realm.

in their presence, one is free to be an authentic version of self, free from pretension, agenda, and ego. these precious moments are transformative, and facilitate the evolution of consciousness. this is but one of the many gifts they share. they give of themselves, ceaselessly. but one must not ignore the opportunity to give in return, and to uncover what one can do personally, or as part of the human collective, to benefit the species and its environment. 

hear the whispers of their voices, extending a gracious invitation. become acquainted and attuned to the guides that await. they are teachers and healers. they are companions and friends. partake of their medicine, heal the self, and witness their majesty. heed the call of the wild.