elemental connection

the knowledge that humanity is not alone in the universe has become significantly more prevalent in recent years. though forgotten by some, many have always known. all of nature is conscious — animals, plants, fungi, and minerals. the elements, the seasons, and the cardinal directions too, all of them spirits, themselves.

communicating with nature and beings from other realms was common practise throughout ancient cultures, and continues today for many. the variety of beings, celestial, galactic, and terrestrial, are innumerable. remembering this is highly influential to growth and evolution.

humanity owes a great debt to philipus aureolus theophrastus bombastus von hohenheim — remembered as paracelsus — for providing the most comprehensive exposition of occult pneumatology available. he understood that just as material nature is inhabited by an infinite number of beings, so too is its immaterial counterpart. ancient cultures were intimately connected with these spirits and highly regarded them. these traditions remain for those aware, and propitious offerings are regularly made. this may seem strange and dubious to some, but the powers of nature are not limited by one’s understanding of thus. indeed, it is modern society’s underdevelopment of psychic senses that results in such ignorance. 

become acquainted with the spirits of other realms. raise vibration with archangels. strengthen magical abilities with the fæ. uncover secrets of the universe with galactic races. the possibilities are infinite.